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Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Need a fully optimized design for the USA market? How about a single, cost-effective solution that meets ALL Global Safety & Environmental Compliance Standards? Micron has the answer!

Micron Delivers:
  • Rapid Prototypes…Start Your Testing ASAP!
  • Accurate Designs…Get It Right The First Time!
  • Concept Thru Production Support!
  • Fully Compliant Solutions at the Lowest Possible Cost!
  • Designs that stand up to the most Difficult Environmental Conditions
Micron is here to Support Your Design Teams!

Your organization is lean and focused on your core competencies, the true value you bring to your customers. Micron is focused on YOU, our customer. Micron’s value to you is our proven design and production expertise in Transformers, Inductors, Reactors and Coils. Micron will support your Design Teams with over 40 Years of Proven Industry Experience!

Micron can provide solutions on anything from tiny solenoid coils to large, highly accurate Current-Sense Coils (CTs), to fully optimized and robust single and three phase transformers. We can also produce custom bobbin coil forms along with unique potting and molding encapsulation shapes and materials. You can count on Micron to provide a design that meets your specifications. Contact us today to learn more!

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