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Buck-Boost Transformers

Buck-Boost Transformers

Single and Three Phase Applications – 60Hz

Micron’s Buck-Boost Transformers are used to provide an economical method of decreasing (bucking) or increasing (boosting) voltage to a rating more suitable for efficient operation of electrical equipment.

Buck-Boost Transformers are small Kva, single-phase, 600-volt class insulating transformers with dual primary and secondary windings. If wired as an isolation transformer, they can provide for applications requiring 12, 16, 24, 32, or 48 VAC from 50VA to 7.5Kva. However, they are usually connected as autotransformers by utilizing one unit for single-phase applications and either two or three units banked for three phase operation. They are primarily used for motor operation and should not be used for motor control circuits, to correct fluctuating line voltage or to obtain a neutral on a delta system. These applications require transformers especially designed for these specific applications.

When installation is to be made on a grounded system, consideration must be given to the resulting voltage. Thus, on a 208 grounded wye/120 system the voltage can be boosted to 240 volts but the voltage to ground will be 139 volts. If 240/120 volts with a midpoint ground is needed, a standard two-winding transformer must be used.

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