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Micron is the leading supplier of control transformers, serving OEMs and control system builders since 1971. Our ImperviTRAN® encapsulated control transformer is an industry leader, backed by a 20-year warranty. We also offer low voltage transformers and DC power supplies. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we provide unmatched quality and flexibility for custom orders. We are committed to understanding your specific requirements, delivering defect-free products on time, and offering industry-leading support with the shortest lead times. Choose Micron for the best control transformers available.


Micron has a long rich history dating back to 1966. Learn how Micron Industries was formed and how the ImperviTRAN® was conceived.

Micron Sealing Corporation, a formulator of epoxy materials, acquires Armitage Electronics, a manufacturer of electrical coils. The coils are sold to transformer manufacturers for use in their products.
Micron Sealing introduces the revolutionary ImperviTRAN™ encapsulated transformer.
Micron Sealing receives patent protection for its flagship product ImperviTRAN.
Micron Sealing sold the epoxy business and focused exclusively on control transformers.
Micron Sealing Corporation reincorporates as Micron Industries Corporation.
After 17 years of operations in the Chicago suburb of Stone Park, Micron relocates to the neighboring town of Hillside.
Micron’s market leadership is further enhanced with the introduction of the GlobalTRAN® line of control transformers, specifically designed for international applications
Micron expands its product offering to include low voltage general purpose (LVGP) and buck-boost transformers.
Micron relocates to Elmhurst, Illinois to accommodate continued growth.
To scale production, a new 55,000-square-foot, state-of-art manufacturing facility is built and occupied in Sterling, Illinois.
Micron further expands its product offerings with the addition of the DINergy™ product line of DC power supplies.
Micron establishes new Corporate Headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, closer to Chicago.
The ImperviTRAN product line revised to version "I2" to improve manufacturability.
Implementation of version "I3" to further streamline the manufacturability of ImperviTRAN.
Micron consolidates corporate headquarters to Sterling, Illinois.
Micon hires new CEO to build the management team necessary to transform the Company.

Why Choose Micron?

Customer Service

Our mission is to put customers before ourselves by continually improving our quality, products, and services. When you contact Micron, you are NOT sent through an endless maze of automated selections. Your request is handled by a Micron employee.

We strive to provide quick responses and turnarounds. The Micron customer service team has excellent technical expertise and provides on-the-spot answers to both application and design engineering questions.

We work with logistics companies to provide our customers with low-cost shipping options. In addition to individual packaging, Micron provides custom bulk packaging to accommodate any request. We work closely with our customers to develop demand forecasts and are responsive to sudden variations. When “surprises” happen, we adjust our production schedule to meet your demand. Our primary goal is to ensure that our customers do not experience any production interruptions or delays.

To better accommodate the market, our customer service team supports our customers by region. This will facilitate the development of closer and more efficient working relationships. In addition, all of our representatives are cross-trained in other territories. If an issue arises, rest assured, it will be addressed without hesitation.


Micron’s transformers are electrically tested to the appropriate regulatory standards with automatic test equipment. This provides fast and consistent results as products move through the inspection process.

Each unit undergoes 100% electrical testing both before impregnation or encapsulation and again before being taken to the finished goods inventory. Thorough production testing and substantial packaging ensure that our customers consistently receive quality transformers.

Quality is not assumed at Micron. Continuous improvement in both products and services is our business discipline. We achieve this high level of quality by holding weekly meetings with all production employees, aggressive process improvement, and continuous product design reviews. By establishing these routines as a mandatory way of life, Micron has driven awareness for the quality and health of our business throughout the organization.

Proud Domestic Manufacturer

Unlike many manufacturers today, Micron is based solely in the U.S.A. This provides Micron with a host of benefits we can pass on to our customers. In addition to shorter transit times and reduced shipping costs, Micron has the industry’s best response times. We respond in real-time. Our domestic production facility is just a phone call away allowing for clear communication.

Employee Longevity

Since opening its doors in 1966, Micron has instilled a positive working environment consisting of integrity and mutual respect. As a result, it is not uncommon for employees to build long-lasting careers at Micron. This can be seen in all areas throughout the organization. Our customers can realize the benefits of forming long-lasting cohesive working relationships with our staff. Our customers are not presented with a revolving door of contacts. They are presented with seasoned professionals who know and understand their needs.

Need it in a Hurry?

If it’s on our shelf, it can be on yours the very next day! Our competitors manufacture overseas making expedited freight incredibly expensive. As the only major domestic manufacturer of control transformers, Micron can help prevent line-down situations without compromising your bottom line.

Need a Custom Design

Micron’s breadth of capabilities goes far beyond what you will find in our catalog. We have roughly 400 standard Industrial Control Transformer part numbers. However, over the past 40 years, we have accumulated over 7,000 part numbers by listening to our customers’ needs and designing custom solutions. We can provide nonstandard voltage combinations and VA ratings to meet your requirements. We can supply transformers with a variety of fusing, terminal, and connector options. We will work with you to find cost-effective solutions that meet your global safety and environmental compliance standards.

Industry Leading 20-Year Warranty

At Micron, we are dedicated to quality. Each unit undergoes 100% electrical and mechanical testing before being taken to finished goods inventory. Thorough testing coupled with substantial packaging assures that our customers consistently receive quality transformers. Each one of our Industrial Control Transformers is backed by our industry-leading 20-year warranty letting you know that when you choose Micron, you’ve chosen the best!

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